Business Evaluations

In most cases, divorce is messy. It disrupts lives and can often be overwhelming.

There are numerous considerations to consider in divorce such as property division and child custody. Divorce becomes even more complex when you and your spouse own a business together or if only one spouse owns a business.

If you own a business and are getting divorced, you need an attorney who knows how to properly address issues such as business valuation, tax ramifications, hidden funds and debt allocation.

Our Experience is Your Advantage in Your Divorce

When you get divorced, you want to get treated fairly. The same is true when your divorce involves a business owned by you and/or your spouse. Even if you will no longer be a part of the business, you do not want to find yourself saddled with debt without receiving any benefit. You want to receive your fair share of the business or ensure that child support is calculated in accordance with the true income earned by the business owner parent.

In addition to our knowledge of business formation and structure, our attorneys work with a team of financial planners and forensic accountants to properly value the business. We know how to provide legal representation that is effective and efficient in the use of our clients' existing resources.

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