3 steps to take after you’ve been involved in a car accident

3 steps to take after you’ve been involved in a car accident

| Jul 14, 2020 | Personal injury |

You always use safe driving habits because you understand how one false move can lead to a dangerous accident. But, unfortunately, you have fallen victim to a car accident, even after doing your part.

Fortunately, in the state of Massachusetts you can receive compensation to help pay for injuries or vehicle damage caused by the wreck. Filing a claim is a must if you want to take legal action. So, if you get an accident and think you may consider seeking damages, then you should document the wreck right away with as much detail as possible.

Exchange information

If you aren’t severely injured, then it is essential for you to do all you can to gather information about the scene and the other party involved. Make sure to ask the other driver for their name and take down their license and insurance information. Try taking notes and/or photos of the scene, vehicle damage and condition of the road.

Call for help

Although a personal account of the event is helpful, having an official police report can be beneficial too. This is because it can provide insurance adjusters or a judge an outside perspective of the accident, rather than having a he said, she said situation.

Collect bills and quotes

Even if you aren’t feeling any pain or your only slightly sore from the wreck, it’s important to see a doctor. Getting proper care will help you heal from injuries both small and large. Plus, you will be able to supply proof of medical bills and expenses if you decide to seek justice.

You can apply the same idea to getting quotes from both your insurance company and other mechanics to see how much it will cost to repair your car. This will provide you a written or digital record of how much money you need to restore your car.

Providing a full scope of the accident and how it impacted your well-being and vehicle can help you come out of ahead in a car settlement. Taking on this task alone can be challenging, but there are personal injury attorneys that can help you navigate the legal process.