Modifications Of Court Orders

Modify A Court Order To Adapt To Your Family’s Changing Needs

All families change over time – family members grow older, careers evolve, marriages start and sometimes end. It stands to reason that some arrangements, such as child custody, child support and spousal support, may have to be modified to keep up with your family’s changing needs. It’s important to craft these arrangements carefully the first time around, but even the most well-calibrated agreement can’t foresee how a family will change in the future.

Fortunately, the law recognizes this need for flexibility. And at Healey, Deshaies, Gagliardi & Woelfel, PC, we will help you navigate this process. If you are happy with the status quo laid out in a current court order, we can help you maintain the features you like while working to modify other aspects of that agreement. If you believe the current arrangement does not sufficiently reflect your needs and interests, we can help you achieve a fairer balance through the modification process.

Why Do I Need A Modification?

There are many reasons to modify a court order. For families with children, as an example, custody arrangements that were determined when children were very young may not make sense when your children are older. As children become teenagers and young adults, their own preferences – impossible to anticipate when they are younger – will become an increasingly important factor in these arrangements.

Also, a change in one parent’s professional life or personal life may suddenly create an incentive to move to another city or state, which can disrupt the balance of your current custody agreement.

Whether you have children or not, changes in each party’s life can affect their income, with implications for any child support or spousal support agreements. Just because one spouse earns more than the other at the time of divorce does not mean this will always be the case. If one or both parties’ financial situation changes, it can trigger the need to modify support-related court orders.

Thinking About Modifying Your Current Family Arrangement? Call Us.

The more information you have about family law in general and modifications in particular, the more empowered you will be to make decisions. To learn more about how we can advocate for your interests during this process, schedule an appointment with Healey, Deshaies, Gagliardi & Woelfel, PC, by calling our office in Amesbury at 978-388-1787 or contacting us online.